We work with a couple local farms to raise heritage pigs including Berkshire, Herford and Duroc pigs. All pigs are raised on non-GMO feed, fig bars, hay, fodder and molasses. Our pigs get to be pigs, rooting and playing in the mud puddles.


Our bees are new to our farm. We have a mentor teaching us and helping us learn about them. They are beneficial in pollinating our gardens.

Our Products


We raise Cornish Rock Broiler chickens and Red Ranger chickens. All raised on non-GMO feed, with no antibiotics or hormones given.They also munch on hay, fodder and fig bars.   

non-GMO feed

We offer Bar Ale feed, both bulk and bagged. Including  22% gamebird, 16% layer, pig ration and scratch all non-GMO feeds. Some organic feeds also available.


We are raising our rabbits in a colony. There is not much info on raising rabbits in any other way but in cages. Our does and buck live together and rear their young as nature intended. We move them to cages to finish them before harvest.


We love turkeys! We raise Double Breast White and Bronze and then a couple heritage breeds. THis year Bourbon Reds and Chocolate turkeys. All raised on non-GMO feed, hay and fig bars.


We use our goats for weed eating and meat.They are moved around the farm to keep weeds down. Our goats are Boer and Kiko crosses.


Our hens are raised in a moveable electric fence. They are fed non-GMO feed and given no hormones or antibiotics. They are raised naturally without the use of artificial lighting.